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We elevate minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs through human-centered design.

We are passionate about the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs. We aim to provide clean, modern and professional design to startups at a feasible cost.


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Messaging & Positioning

We do extensive research into each company’s industry and pull inspiration from the latest marketing and design resources to craft a unique brand.

Brand voice

Mission & vision

Trends & Insights

Value proposition


Strategy & Identity

The value of a cohesive strategy equates to brand loyalty, thought leadership, increased return on investment, and overall business growth.

Brand strategy

Campaign concept

Identity suite

Branded collateral


Digital Experience

The cookie-cutter mentality won’t help you stand out in the digital ecosystem. Thus we make every effort to personalize each experience, giving your brand its own legs against competitors.

Digital strategy

Web design

Development & SEO

Social media management

We strive to elevate the accomplishments of women of color.

emdzn. was started not only as an agency and dream of a young woman entrepreneur, but also as an initiative that does its part to recognize the accomplishments of other women of color. We believe that by utilizing our talents to uplift and empower each other we will continue to normalize women of color in leadership and encourage our youth to follow in our foot steps.

We uplift brands that value human connection.

We have had the pleasure, thus far, of serving independent healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers / writers, non-profits, and small businesses. We strive to forge memorable brands, user-friendly web designs, and marketable content.

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We love keeping clients happy!

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