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DIY Creative Strategy Bootcamp

Build a strategic brand in just 12 weeks, without the agency fees.

Incorporate the same strategies used by million dollar companies to jumpstart your business and stand out against competition.

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Having trouble growing or getting your business off the ground?

Does this sound like you?

You have a great skill, product, or idea that is super valuable and benefits many people. You are eager to structure it into a profitable business that can scale. But the problem is that your business doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and things are flatlining. You might not be sure where to begin to get it back on its feet or to even get things started.


DIY Creative Strategy Bootcamp

This online course is designed to help you build and elevate your brand for quick and long-term success in as little as 12 weeks.

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Get discovered by your ideal customers in order to increase sales and followers

Increases sales and bookings by creating and implementing an effective strategy that provides long-lasting value for your customers. Clearly communicate your offerings, position yourself where your audience can find you, and keep potential buyers from stalling in the sales process.

Increase the value of your brand for long-term success

Quickly grow brand awareness, stand out against competitors, and highlight your brand as the go to solution to your customers’ problems. Leverage content, messaging, and consistent branding to offer your audience a unique, compelling and professional brand experience.


What you'll gain from this course

Expand each module to see the breakdown.


  • What is a brand?
  • Why do you need one?
  • Overview: Developing a strategic brand
  • Competitive analysis
  • What are demographics?
  • Understanding which audiences provide the most value
  • Understanding how audiences value the brand
  • Modeling the audience experience
  • Creating the customer persona
  • Characteristics of the four conversion personas
  • Developing conversion personas
  • Brand positioning
  • Defining the audience
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Positioning statements
  • Implementation and execution


  • What is graphic design?
  • Typography
  • Color Theory
  • Hierarchy and layout
  • Print production
  • File Types
  • Photoshop basics
  • Illustrator basics
  • InDesign basics
  • Canva
  • Creative development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand application


Creative Strategy Toolkit

This toolkit is comprised of 6 worksheets that should be filled in while completing the DIY Creative Strategy Bootcamp and serve as a foundational set of documents that define your brand strategy.

Determine what inspires your customers to engage with your brand and take action. Analyze examples of successful brands. Notate what works, what could be improved, and how you can leverage competitors’ techniques to differentiate your brand.

Outline specific opportunities for differentiation by focusing on your unique value proposition. Highlight your strengths and your business’s core competencies in order to solidify your competitive advantage.

Define how you will position your brand in your market and in your ideal buyer’s life cycle. Utilize the conversion personas to articulate how your brand will be perceived.

Structure the brand experience you want your customers to have from discovery to purchase. Design a framework that unifies each encounter your audience has at various touch points in your sales funnel.

Run inventory on your existing brand’s touch points. Garner feedback by conducting surveys that provide a snapshot of your business at it stands and how it is perceived. Gain a strong understanding of your brand’s current value and plan to adjust according to the results.

Plan how you intend to incorporate your strategy on a daily basis. Start from your end goal and work backwards by creating incremental goals. Establish a finite production-based schedule that spans up to 12-months.


You also get

Live Q&A Sessions

Invitation to our private Slack community

Web and social graphic templates

10% off future products and offers

Benefits of taking
this course

  • Craft a memorable brand that is recognized by customers.
  • Attract your ideal customer base through alignment of style framework and messaging.
  • Easily communicate value to customers through introduction of offers/products.
  • Stand out in your market by defining and articulating your competitive advantage.
  • Create a highly valuable and stable asset for your business.
  • Expedite the buying decision process of your customers.

Who’s teaching this course?

Ema Myers

Ema Myers

Founder, Designer

Ema has been creating high-converting content and working strategically with tenured marketing and business professionals for the past 7 years. Currently she works at one of the top tech companies in Atlanta, assisting in campaigns and initiatives integral to growth and success.

Hear from folks we’ve made happy

“When you decide to work with Ema, I believe you will be very satisfied with your decision. She is able to communicate at a high level around the workings of social media and web design. She is patient, listens, and asks good questions. Also, she was able to work with my concept and create a solid, impressive product.”

Michael Hickamn
Founder, Read Up America

“I loved working with Ema! She is very professional and understood exactly what I needed for my business. She provided me with fresh, new and improved content. She was very informative and I look forward to continuing to work with her more in the future.”

Alexius Elcock
Professional Stylist & Make-up Artist

“Ema is a dedicated, detail oriented, and results driven person. She’s phenomenal at what she does and will put her absolute best into any project she’s a part of. Ema has the knowledge and skill set to expertly make your vision come to life. She’s a joy to work with and I’m fortunate to have connected with her (my brand too!).”

Jazmine Wilcox
Founder, JWilco Enterprises & AmeriCorps Tutor

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your course. However, because a lot of time and research goes into compiling valuable information into a broken down, easy-to-digest set of modules, we ask that you are considerate and let us know of any issues you are having ahead of the 30-day mark.

We want you to be successful and would like the opportunity to improve your experience before you opt-out. But if you still feel like this course is not the answer for you, we will refund you 100%. We only ask for your feedback on how we can improve and better serve our other students.

Until the end of time! Once you register, you have unlimited access to your course, resources, and other bonuses.

The course is delivered in combination of formats including: video, presentations, text and transcripts, and course worksheets.

Actually, yes. However, all of the information included is not only curated from our years of experience working with successful companies, but from verified, authority resources on marketing and strategy.

We took the time to research several resources, break down the data into an actionable curriculum, and apply our approach based on successful techniques that we have implemented. However, many do not have the time, resources, or experience to apply those findings to their brand.

This course serves as a guided review and virtual workshop to get you started or quickly begin strategizing the alleviation of a pain point in your current business.

Additionally, much of the information you find online may out of date or incorrect. Besides doing our homework, we have had our content evaluated by other industry professionals to verify value and we are constantly updating the information based on latest trends and insights.

We have seen businesses throw tens of thousands of dollars away taking a gamble on how they present and promote their brand. Many entrepreneurs and smaller businesses do not have enough budget to invest in full-service marketing agencies.

Because cost is always a concern, we crafted a self-paced, fully do-it-yourself, adaptable and evergreen solution around long term success. To not invest in elevating your brand at all touch points of the buyer process—before you have an agency-level budget—could be doing a disservice to your business.

We understand that taking steps to grow your business can be a risk, but we want to support your search for a solution by also providing:

  1. A 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. Starting smaller with our 1:1 Strategy Session
  3. And contacting us directly with any additional questions

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